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Tesla Launched Two Types OF Solar Roof At An Unexpected Low Price Than The Projected Price

Consumer Reports projected the cost of solar roofing to be approximate $24.50 per square foot in order to overcome competitive pricing factor when compared to other alternative roofing materials like asphalt. The predictions also considered the major factor in reducing the electricity bills and the time life of the roof. But to everyone’s surprise, Tesla announced on Wednesday, during the launch that the price would be $21.85 per square foot. This benefited Tesla, as their share price rose by 1 percent on Wednesday after the launch.

Tesla would launch two types of glass tiles now among the four types which they have announced and shown off to the public previously. These two types would be black glass smooth and textured versions available to the customers soon in the market. The remaining two types of glass tiles named as Tuscan which would be curved and reddish tiles and the other one is similar to a slate rock would be launched in 2018. The roof tiles would be a three layer surface consisting of a solar cell of high efficiency, a film designed specially to cover the cell from direct eye contact with the people on the ground and above all would be the layer of tempered glass.

Tesla said that this would be an addition to their various products that are available in the market to the audience like the Powerwall wall battery. Tesla is very confident about their product and has announced a lifetime warranty it for the buyers. Tesla has always been innovative and trying to find an alternative source of energy against the traditional methods for their products which would not only be attractive but also perform better than the traditional products. Electric cars and Solar panels and roof tiles could be some of the examples to prove their innovative attempts. Bt if we look at the report announced by GTM, the second half of 2016 has not been very good for US solar companies and shown a decline.

The major constraint for tesla would be the cost factor associated with the production of such innovative products. According to a past report, the overall cost of production and installation of solar roof consisting of Textured glass would cost not more than $73,500 in order to be competitive against asphalt roofing. But the advantage for the buyer would be of saving more than $2000 in their electricity bill within one year. Tesla has plans to finance this roofing for the individuals in coming future but till that time a personal loan from a bank or house improvement loan, or any kind of credit provided by private financing companies or banks would be an option with the people intending to buy this product.