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Scientists Noticed two Dozen of ‘Death Stars’ Marching towards our Solar System

Soon our solar system is going to face a heavy celestial body destruction, scientists claimed. They observed not one, not two almost 24 death stars trooping towards our solar system putting all of us at a greater risk. These death stars reside 3.26 light years away from our solar system.

According to Dr. Coryn Jones, within next few years, around 500 to 600 stars will go fleeting the hottest celestial body i.e. the Sun at a distance of 3.26 light years.

This phenomenon might destroy the entire life on Earth as well. “Such huge effects of these comets and asteroids on our Earth is very rare. It occurs once in million years”, says Dr. Jones. He further commented saying, “We have a number of technologies that give us a reasonable idea regarding these larger asteroid hits but again they are just the rumors. None of them had an adverse effect on Earth.”

The most adjoining star passing through the Earth surface that will be 4 light years away from us will be Proxima Centauri. Jones has appropriately calculated the entire behavior of these stars that included their directions, distances and with what velocity they will travel.

Gaia satellite was his main source of information. Among all the death stars, HIP – 85605 will travel with the greatest velocity as compared to others. Another tiny star, Wayward is 16 light years away from us and will travel through the Hercules constellation.

Wayward will be followed by Gliese 710 being located 64 light years away from Earth somewhere in the Serpens constellation. Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has a diversity of life. Hence, Earth will be the only planet to face the major consequence.

Microscopic HIP103738 was one of the biggest death stars that bombarded our planet 3,850,000 years ago. The star was only one light year away from the hot star.