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Researchers Created A Silicone 3D Printed Heart Alike Humans

This bizarre technology is surely going to leave back all the other technologies. Researchers have successfully made an artificial heart that functions exactly similar to a human heart. This heart is made using silicone coating having a 3D printed texture. Heart attacks and heart strokes have reached its peak levels all over the world.

As there is a shortage of heart donors, the artificial heart has enabled many doctors to treat the heart patients in case of their heart failure.  While doctors hunt for another heart in the process of treating a patient, this artificial heart would act as a tie up that will continue to beat saving an individual’s life. An artificial heart has a weight of 390 grams with a volume of 679 cubic centimeters.

The structure of an artificial silicone designed heart:

The basic structure of an artificial heart remains same as that of the human heart. Alike human heart, it consists of right as well as the left ventricle. The only difference is that it does not have a septum separation but comes with the additional hollow part. This hollow chamber pumps in and pumps out under pressured air that is a necessary to pump blood in and out of the heart. Other functioning remains similar to a human heart.

The drawback of an artificial heart:

Though the heart would be boon to many, still scientists are working to eliminate its major drawbacks. The beat count of the heart would be 3,000 that resembles time period of a half of an hour. After, pumping 3000 times, the silicone quantifiable will not bear the stress.

Dr. Nicholas Cohrs from Zurich University of Switzerland said, “Till now we have just carried a possible test. We have not experimented this heart in any real human body. Our aim was not to give a replacement for the real human heart but was to provide a bridge while treating heart patients.” “It sounds quite pleased that we are successful in doing so”, he further added.

The silicone material used for structuring the heart will show a noteworthy progress in future.