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Reddit App (Alien Blue App) launched For Android and iOS : Only for US. UK, Australia and Canada

Reddit App For Android and iOSOnline social networking site Reddit has launched the Android and iOS app for the users. The app is available in respective app stores of the operating systems, but only for the users residing in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

There was one app which was developed by the Reddit fan. The app is named as the Alien Blue app. The App became famous between hardcore Reddit users, which shows the Reddit website in App and Mobile format to users. After getting popularity, Reddit bought the app from Developer and removed it from the iOS App Store. The company haven’t removed the paid version of Alien Blue app from App Store, and will not remove it rolls out the native app in all countries. The paid version of the Alien Blue app provides ad-free experience to the users. The subscription plan of paid version of Alien Blue app comes with a price tag of $22.99/-.

The new Native app from Reddit offers the Clean User Interface and the easy navigation. The User Interface is much natural than the Alien Blue app. After purchasing the Alien Blue app from Developer, Reddit removed the app from iOS Store. After asking the reason behind this, Vice President of Reddit, Mr. Alex Le said that the Alien Blue app is not a native app for Reddit. Also, the name of the app made many Reddit users confused. The App is planned to launch in other countries in next few months. Many posts spotted with the APK link of Reddit app for users in countries where Reddit app is not available.