rapid fda approval with limited testing will result in harmful effect

Rapid FDA Approval with limited testing will result in harmful effect

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is a US-based federal agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services is rapidly approving the drug for the treatment of numerous diseases. This has resulted in higher health risk of patients.

Government drug approval agencies such as The Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, and others across the globe are approving many drugs nowadays due increasing disease burden. This has led to new entry of medications into market after partial testing of drugs. Medicines are accepted in the bases of many preliminary studies and are authorized by drug regulation authorities

In 2011, a drug known as Hydroxyprogesterone caproate and sold under the brand name ‘Makena’ was approved by the USFDA. This approval was based on small trial on preterm birth large trial. According to a recent World Health Organization study,  it estimated that around 10% of medicines in low and middle-income countries are of poor quality. In 2017, the Indian government conducted a nationwide drug survey. This survey concluded that around 3.16% of sampled medicines were to be substandard as well as 0.0245% were fake. Before any drug is approved, the pharma companies must always take into consideration the alternative products and the threats associated with the drugs.

In some cases, drug approval is given based on lenient evidence. This may result in some serious harmful effects in the future. Each person who receives any drugs should ensure that the drug is approved under the standard circumstances. Patients should be aware of the collective uncertainty of the drugs and the risks as well as benefits associated with it. In the end, shortcuts will generally not serve the best. As this is a direct concern to people’s health, the FDA must take certain precautions and measures while approving the drugs.