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Outdated Software Programs and Apps May Attract Ransomware Attacks on Server : Talos Group Analysis

Outdated Software Programs and Apps May Attract Ransomware Attacks on ServerThe security firm owned by Cisco has warned us about the Ransomware attacks on the servers, which are using the outdated apps. The Cisco-owned Talos group analyzed the servers on the internet and found that the 2,100 servers of businesses, Schools, Not-for-Profit organizations and aviation companies are infected by the Malware because the servers were running with outdated software.

The Malicious attacks are happening on the servers, which are using Red Hat Linux JBoss Enterprise software. It works as a middleman for the server hardware and the other apps running on the server. Such servers are mostly getting infected by the Ransomware, which locks the files on the server till you pay the money.

The Talco group’s security team warned about the attack on the vulnerable and outdated servers, which may get infected by Sansom malware, which is the Ransomware. The Ransomware locks up the files on your computer, till you pay the asked amount to the hacker and get the key to removing the Ransomware. The Schools and other educational institutions using “Destiny” software are more likely to get attacked by hijackers to install the ransomware on servers. The “Destiny” is the record management software mainly used by Educational institutions to keep track of Books in the Library.

The Institutions, Businesses, Government offices and Aviation companies are highly advised to update the software and stop using an outdated version of the software to keep valuable data safe from hackers.