ohio university researcher takes u-turn, deletes article claiming insect-like creatures on mars

Ohio University Researcher Takes U-Turn, Deletes Article Claiming Insect-Like Creatures On Mars

Ohio University has quietly removed an article claiming insect-like creatures on the surface of Mars. The scientist who claimed to have seen insects in the rocks of the Red Planet is Willian Romoser. He is an Emeritus Professor of Medical Entomology at the varsity. William has more than 45 years of rich experience studying bugs. He had claimed to see insect-like forms in pictures of the Red Planet. The pictures were clicked and sent back home by the Curiosity Rover of NASA. The professor had earlier said that the images show exoskeleton and jointed appendages of living creatures. This was enough to identify these organisms as insect-like. Initially, the university heavily promoted his paper. But the officials have now deleted a page of the study from its website.

William in his research claimed to found numerous examples of insect and reptile-like forms on the planet. He mentioned in his report insects on Mars are similar to bees. Besides, reptile-like forms are also present. He said that images appear to show both fossilized and living creatures. He concluded there has been and still is life on Mars. William said while the Martian rovers have been exploring for indicators of organic activity on the planet, there are a number of photos available in the record that depict insect and reptile-like creatures. For his research, William used the database from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory of raw images. These photos had been gathered over many years from different missions to the Red Planet. The majority of them came from the Curiosity rover.

The claims were, however, disputed by the US space agency NASA. The agency said that there is insufficient oxygen on Mars for life. It specifically mentioned that it has no scientific data that seconds William’s assertion. According to the varsity, the researcher no longer wants to engage with media regarding his study. Therefore, the management decided to remove the story from its website. The message displayed on its website said that the release has been removed at the behest of the submitter.