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Nvidia Pascal GP100 GPU Unveiled: Serious Threat to AMD Polaris GPU

Nvidia Pascal GP100 GPUAfter launching the Iray VR Technology at the GPU Technology Conference, the Nvidia unveiled the Pascal Architecture GPU, the GP100. The GP100 is a new Graphics Processor from Nvidia, which is based on Pascal Architecture. This GPU offers double performance than the previous Graphics processor chips made by Nvidia. On the second day of the GTC ( GPU Technology Conference ) the Nvidia Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled this Pascal architecture-based graphics chip.

The CEO Claimed that the GP100 Graphics Processor chip is the largest FinFET GPU in production. The Graphics chip by Nvidia has 610 mm2 of surface area, which hosts nearly 15.3 billion transistors. The Experts call it “Monster” chip. The power consumption of this Chip is small, because of the FinFET Technology used while manufacturing it.

The GP100 Graphics Processor chip comes with core architectural changes. The Chip comes with the High Bandwidth Memory, which is almost double than the previous line-up of the GPU’s from Nvidia. Currently, The Nvidia GP100 GPU is now shipping to the Data centers, who use Custom Server boards. The Data Centers will receive the Processors packaged with Chip on Water Wafer Surface technology, said the CEO. The Nvidia GP100 GPU can outrank the AMD’s upcoming Polaris GPU regarding performance.