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The Number Of Obesity Cases Among Children In 2016 Were Ten Times More Compared To Past 40 Years

The number of obesity cases is soaring day-by-day. According to the World Health Organization obesity have become one of the grave issues today. As per the recent estimates, the number of obesity cases in 2016 was 10 times more compared to the number of cases recorded since past 40 years.

Across the world, many initiatives are taken to reduce the impact of obesity. Various measures of regular physical activity, proper diet are taken to protect yourself from the risk of obesity and its related side-effects. It is also seen that obesity can give rise to different disorders and cancer is one of them.

A drastic rise in the number of obesity cases was recorded in 2016, which was highest one recorded since past 40 years. The number of obesity cases among children and adolescents is also high. The major reasons behind this increase are the changing lifestyle habits, consumption of junk food and others.

In comparison with the past 40 year’s data the number of obese children and adolescents in the year 1975 was 11 million globally and now this number has increased to 120 million. Also, the number of obesity-related cases in low and medium income-countries was high compared to that of high-income or developed countries. Even in developed countries, the rate of obesity is high in some part of the country.

During the study, the height and weight of the individuals were also measured to determine the number of individuals aged between 5-19 years who were suffering from obesity. It was seen that poor nutrition was the major culprit behind an increase in the number of obesity cases.

Hence, in homes and schools, the importance of healthy diet and regular physical activity should be followed. One of the reports published in June has shown that one-third of the global population is obese and the United States tops this list. Various techniques are also employed to reduce the impact of obesity. Various methods like CRISPR technology, genetic editing of skin cells is done to metabolize the fat.