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New Windows 10 Update Comes with Severe Problems and Bugs

The Microsoft Windows 10 is getting into trouble after installing the Anniversary update. The Anniversary Update sent by the company is supposed to come up with a bunch of new features, but it came with some problems and issues making users angry. The Two new Automatic Windows Updates named as KB3147461 and KB3147458 are causing the errors in the operating system.

After knowing about this issue, Microsoft asked their users to report any issues users found with the latest update. The Page on which Microsoft asked this question was filled with over 900 responses, sharing the problems with the Microsoft team. Users who updated the OS with these updates are facing the issues like “Blue Screen of Death, Infinite Boot Loop, Broken Apps like Windows Explorer, Store, Music and much more, Start Menu crash, Critical Error Popups, slow boot time and broken trackpad gestures“.


The many users are facing the same problems while using the PC after installing the update. The Microsoft team hasn’t come up with the solution for this problem yet, but it is wise for now to disable the automatic updates as of now. Those who are facing the equivalent challenges, but are safe from the blue screen of death are advised to uninstall the “KB 3147461” and “KB3147458” from their PC. There is still no confirmation from experts which update is causing the problem.

The attempt of Microsoft to forcefully send updates to Windows 8 and ten users is not a wise move. Also, sending Multiple updates once is not a wise decision at all, now it has caused the whole system crash after sending it to the users.