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The New Robotic Leg Brace Called Welwalk WW-1000 by Toyota will Assist the Paralyzed People

The new robotic leg brace called Welwalk WW-1000 by Toyota will assist the paralyzed people

Toyota Motor Corp. is taking a big leap in the field of robotics. The company has recently, introduced a new Welwalk WW-1000 to manufacture a device that will help the paralyzed people to walk. The device called Welwalk WW-1000 is basically a leg brace that was revealed in Tokyo on April 12.

The company also said that they will rent about 100 such systems to the hospitals this year in Japan. The cost of Welwalk device for one-time use will be 1 million yen which is equal to 9,000 USD and on monthly basis, the charge will be 350,000 yen or 3,200 USD.

The people who have been paralyzed on one side of the body can wear this leg brace. The Welwalk device is equipped with a harness to provide support and to prevent injury to other body parts. The sensors placed on the device can also adjust to the walking pattern of the patient, also it can be controlled manually.

The Fujita Health University and Toyota have come together to develop this novel device. The device clings to our thigh, knees, ankle and foot to assist the paralyzed people in walking. The motor present in the device can bend our knees and also straighten them.

As paralysis is the most common disease seen in Japan, the Toyota’s device can prove to be beneficial. This will completely eradicate the necessity of Walker and will help an individual to stand upright on his feet and walk. This wearable exoskeleton will also help the medical experts to track the patient’s progress.

Toyota has also revealed new robots that can play violin and trumpet. The company is also planning to move towards artificial intelligence technology and design new self-driving cars. The company has also designed a boy-like robot which can interact with people. In addition to this, the company has planned R2-D2 machine known as Human Support Robot that will act as a robotic arm and help in picking up the things.