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A New Ad-Blocking Feature Comes To Chrome Browser, Google Says

A New Ad-Blocking Feature Comes To Chrome Browser, Google SaysGoogle says it will introduce an ad-blocking feature in mobile and desktop versions of Google chrome web browser. The feature would filter out and remove certain unwanted online ads. Those types of ads include pop-up ads, prestitial ads and auto play videos or the ads which get displayed before reaching to the looked-for website. Unacceptable ads include those which are recently defined by Coalition to display better ads. Google has still not announced this feature officially but it could do it within few weeks.

A set of standards are defined by coalition and all the website owners should fulfill those standards otherwise all of their advertisements displayed on Chrome would be blocked. A question still arises so as to how Google is going to implement this feature. One way to do this would be blocking all the ads on the website which would certify that website owners follow all the defined standards. The other way would be to simply block the felonious ads in question. Now let’s see, Google goes with which strategy.

Google has a good experience of preventing its website from the ads that are harmful and illegal by blocking the pop-ups and distributing malware warnings. Hence, Google will now take improved steps to cut-off displaying bad ads so that users become happy. The industry observer says, “The Chrome browser now details a large portion of web-browsing globally, so stepping towards ad-filters within it could give Google more control over the ad-blocking situation.”

Google pays as being a part of “Acceptable Ads” program offered by Eyeo GmbH, a software company. For example, this software company develops popular ad-blocking tool Adblock Plus. The ad-blocking step taken by Google may look anti-emotional but could be proved as self-justifying one, according to the people who are familiar with the plans. But, Google would also have to worry about its revenue which was around $60 billion due to online advertising in 2016.