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Neuralink By Elon Musk Will Link Human Brain And AI Will Help In Treating Brain Injuries And Enhance Communication

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. is currently working on a technology that can link human brain and AI, the technology is named as Neuralink. Musk have many new ongoing projects in his mind, but this project may prove to be an outstanding invention.Neuralink By Elon Musk Will Link Human Brain And AI Will Help In Treating Brain Injuries And Enhance Communication

Neuralink will establish a link between AI and human brain with the help of micron-sized devices. The technology will have many potential applications. The details of the study related to neuralink have been published in The Wall Street Journal. By merging human brain with AI will help to predict certain brain injuries like strokes, tumors, and other health conditions.

Neuralink: A link between human brain and AI

In Dubai, Musk has revealed that after some time, users can successfully have a closer look at digital human intelligence and digital intelligence. Neuralink is basically related to the bandwidth i.e., the link between computers and digital version of yourself.

Neuralink aims to treat brain injuries and other diseases with the help of these micron-sized devices that will hit the market by 2020. These devices can even treat patients suffering from paralysis and memory loss or dementia.

The next step in the field of AI will be to merge two human brains together that will help people to communicate directly instead of depending on traditional methods like talking with one another or typing a message.

The neuralink can greatly eradicate the communication barrier between humans. We communicate using a specific language, however, the neuralink can improve the communication ways and provide advanced communication ways.

The link between AI and the human brain can be used as an extension or add-on feature, for instance, an additional skill. With this technology, we can combine indistinguishable cloud-based AI computing technology. It means that we will not be able to identify and distinguish our language statements with those generated by AI integrated network.

The technology has still a long way to go to reach the market in form of potential applications. But surely it will have a wide range of applications in technology and medical field as well.