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NASA To Put Pieces Of Earth Up For Adoption

NASA To Put Pieces Of Earth Up For AdoptionNASA will be celebrating Earth day on 22nd April showing the affection towards Earth. To make this day memorable, NASA has divided the Earth into 64,000 individual spots that are seen from space. These pieces are about 55 miles wide randomly assigned and NASA has offered them free online demonstration to create awareness among the community on this day. According to the NASA’s Adopt the Planet page, the entire data is collected considering the temperature, relative humidity of the Earth from the space agency. These pieces include Taj Mahal and one of the squares in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

NASA has allowed the individuals to explore and interact with the world map, get some data for any location and take print out of the certificates from any part of the world – right from childhood street to the street of Paris. They could also share these photos on the social media websites. It is expected that all of us adopt the piece before Earth Day i.e. April 22. After the entire adoptions get filled, the pieces would be reallocated again so that each and every individual to get an opportunity to celebrate their own piece of Earth.

NASA would provide the detailed information about the scientific data about regarding various pieces on the Earth. It shows pictures of the Earth which are taken by satellite ranging from a few hours to 30 years old. We could observe how the Earth has changed over time. The project is just for fun, entertainment and education. It doesn’t have any connection with legal or property rights. Officials say you would get to know the view of the planet you have never seen before. It’s that simple. Just visit, put your name and a little piece randomly assigned Earth to you and boast about. You could visit NASA’s Worldview can get information and images about your piece of the planet or any location on Earth you are interested in.