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Mosquito Spray Used To Kill Zika Virus May Result In Delayed Motor Skills In Children

A new study has determined the effect of mosquito spray used to kill zika virus on children. The main chemical compound found in mosquito spray used to kill zika have shown a negative impact on unborn children.Mosquito Spray Used To Kill Zika Virus May Result In Delayed Motor Skills In Children

The use of mosquito spray or insecticide results delayed motor skills in infants. Though the outbreak of zika has been brought under control the mosquito spray used to kill the disease have negative impacts on babies.

The past studies have shown the impact of insecticide chemicals on agricultural and occupational use. Researchers from the University of Michigan have noticed that exposure to the harmful chemical called Naled through the pregnant mothers was linked to 3 to 4% delay in fine motor skills score during 9 months of age for those who 25% individuals who were exposed to this chemical. The detailed study and its findings have been published in the journal Environment International on June 8.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan who determined that prenatal exposure to Naled chemical has lower scores on fine motor skills test compared to ones with slight exposure. During the study, the researchers analyzed 30 organophosphate insecticides (OP) in the cord blood of infants in China using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. They noticed that five chemicals commonly used in insecticides like Naled were seen in at least 10% of cord blood.

The development of motor skills was tested in these infants using Peabody Developmental Motor Scales 2nd Edition (PDMS-2) when they were six weeks old and again when they were nine months old. This instrument measures responses, grasping power, visual-motor integration, body control and movement. Motor delays during prenatal period indicate the developmental problems which may occur during childhood.

At the end of the study the infants who were exposed to harmful chemicals like Naled, chlorpyrifos have shown 3 to 4 percent delay in motor skills and women are more vulnerable to the impact compared to males. Naled is the commonly used chemical compound that is used to control the mosquito population during natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.