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Mineral Water Is A Rich Source Of Calcium

Mineral water which is packed with different minerals including salts and sulfur compounds can now replace the natural source of calcium like milk. Calcium which is the essential nutrient required by the body to keep our bones healthy is now present in mineral water.

The people who don’t like to drink milk can now drink ample amount of mineral water as it is the source of calcium. The research study was conducted by the researchers from Leibniz University Hannover who said that mineral water along with dairy products can fulfill the calcium requirement of the body.

Milk is also packed with fats and the health-conscious individuals can drink mineral water as it has low-calorie content. The study related to this has been published in the Journal American College of Nutrition.

The amount of calcium level present in different sources like mineral water, milk and the calcium supplements like the calcium tablets were analyzed. The study was conducted on 21 men and women. The study found that there was no difference between the calcium gained from these sources. Instead, the calcium and the minerals gained through mineral water did not have any impact on the calcium which was absorbed.

With the growing rates of obesity, there is a need to find the alternative sources which will provide all the essential nutrients without increasing the body weight. Also, a number of minerals present in the mineral water can be determined before it is consumed.

Other good sources of calcium which can replace your fat0-rcih diet are ragi, figs, broccoli, almonds. The calcium requirement of an individual differs according to age. The men aged between 19 to 70 years should consume 1000mg of calcium daily. The people above 70 years of age should consume 1200 mg of calcium per day. In the case of women between 19 and 50 years of age the calcium intake per day should be 1000 mg and above 50 the calcium intake should be 1200 mg daily.