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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to Release on June 1st – Features, Overview, Release Date

Microsoft SQL Server 2016The Microsoft just announced that they are going to release the SQL Server 2016 on June 1st. The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be available to all customers on the June 1st. It will be accessible to the Current Customers and new customers, including individuals and enterprises.

The Microsoft said that all the four versions of the SQL Server 2016 will make public by the June 1st, which is the fourth and final release of the SQL Server 2016 from Microsoft. The Microsoft is releasing the four different versions of the SQL Server 2016, named as Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer. Also, according to the sources, Microsoft is planning to license this product according to the per core, not per processor for servers. The Per Core License is expected to bring in extra revenue to the treasury of the company,

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is coming this June with a bunch of new and exciting features. The SQL Server 2016 will have features like Stretch database function, to store data on the Database-on-premises and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage. Also, the SQL Server 2016 comes with the Always Encrypted service, which helps users to encrypt the databases at the column level.

The Microsoft is releasing this software on June 1st for all users. It is another good news for developers, after getting the announcement of SQL Server for Linux operating system, from Microsoft.