microsoft hopes xbox scarlett supports intergenerational play anywhere

Microsoft hopes Xbox Scarlett supports intergenerational Play Anywhere

Phil Spencer, the Xbox leader, revealed in last week’s X019 fan occasion that Microsoft intends to let Scarlett support Xbox Play Anywhere, providing an easy way for next-generation consoles.

The idea behind Play Anywhere is that when you buy a game, you can play on any Microsoft platform. Cross-platform savings and achievement transfer. Therefore, any game you can use on your PC or on Scarlett can be transferred to a new game console. You will notice that this feature was not available in the previous generation transition. Spencer admits that this is a wrong step for his company, mainly because it is possible: “We talked about the importance of numbers in this generation, but we have not transferred you at 360. The digital purchase on the seamless transition to Xbox One. I always thought it was missing.” Presumably, this will make the transition between Xbox One and the Scarlett easier – if you want to play Halo: Infinite (currently, we know the only intergenerational game on Xbox One and Scarlett), but can’t afford the cost of Scarlett. You can start using it on your PC and be able to transfer your progress to Scarlett as you get it.

After the console is released, it does not immediately bring obvious benefits. There is no doubt that Microsoft will advertise its next-generation exclusive products before the most crucial holiday sales season. However, given that there is always an intermediate period of publishing games on both platforms, this will help alleviate the pressure on those who want new consoles but can’t buy them. Incidentally, Microsoft does need to disclose its intention to call Scarlett’s final form. At this point, I call it Scarlett very comfortable, I need time to understand this, and then the device will be officially released within one year. They may pretend to give up and permanently call it “Scarlett,” but I’m sure that the entire Microsoft think tank has made boring content like “Xbox Two.”