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Microsoft Cortana Restricted to Use Bing and Edge browser by Default – Features, Reviews

Microsoft Cortana Restricted  to Use Bing and Edge browser by DefaultThe Microsoft’s attempt to make Windows 10 operating system smarter by embedding their voice assistant, Cortana was good, but not the best. Cortana is not available in all countries, and it is not useful in taking voice commands. But, it was good in searching things for users.

In the starting, Windows 10 users had the option to choose the default search engine and the browser to select for Cortana. Once configured, Cortana would seek the answers using default browser and search engine. But now, Microsoft has restricted Cortana from using anything other than the Bing Search Engine and the Edge browser. Users who are using Cortana will get search results through the Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine. The attempt to force Cortana to use Edge browser and Bing search engine is surely a way to divert some of the search shares on Bing Search Engine with the Cortana.

In an official Statement, Microsoft said that Cortana was not designed to work with other search engines, so if used other search engine to work with Cortana, the results may not be good and satisfying. The Microsoft’s decision to bind Cortana, Bing, and Edge browser is the indication that Microsoft wants to keep the Operating System Components and Products tied together tightly. Although there is no restriction for setting default browser or the search engine in Windows 10, restricted only for Cortana.