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Many Yoga Poses Can Play An Important Role In Relieving Back Pain

Back pain which affects many people globally can now find relief with the help of some yoga poses. If you are tired of taking medicines you can try out this alternative.Many Yoga Poses Play An Important Role In Relieving Back Pain

Yoga which is gaining its popularity globally has dedicated yoga class designed to relieve back pain which can be effective physical therapy for easing the pain. About 80% of adults suffer back aches at some point of time. Back pain is one of the major cause of disability.

The yoga protocol was designed by the researchers from Boston Medical Center by gathering the inputs from teachers, doctors, and physical therapists. These trained instructors guide the participants and taught them different gentle poses like cat-cow, triangle pose, and child’s pose. These are simple poses which can prove beneficial and difficult poses like inversions are not recommended.

This guidebook containing the teacher training manual is freely available which contains information related to these poses. The results of the study have been published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine on June 19. The yoga program which lasted for 12 weeks has shown improvements in lowering chronic and low back pain. Along with lowering the back pain, there was also a reduction in anxiety and chronic pain.

The researchers said that the people with back pain should avoid taking any medicine and should go for tai chi, yoga, body massage. These techniques are meant for those who have mild back pain but the pain caused by injury or disease cannot be treated using this.

For the purpose of a study, 320 people suffering from chronic low back pain, belonging to the low-income group from Boston area had participated. They were segregated into 3 groups. One group had undergone yoga for 12 weeks, other group undergone 15 physical therapy visits, the third group was given educational book and newsletters.

The results of the study were analyzed using 23-point questionnaire. At the beginning, 70% of the participants were taking medicines and at the end of the study, the number of participants from yoga group and PT participants has shown the reduction in medication by 50%.