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How Should Parents Choose A Right Seasonal Medicine For Their Children

How Should Parents Choose A Right Seasonal Medicine For Their ChildrenAs soon as spring season kicks in, parents get worried about the medications for their children. They keep on searching the ways to comfort their children from the symptoms like sneezing, coughing and congestion. Hence, picking the best suitable allergic medicine for their kids becomes a difficult task for parents, according to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Gary Freed, poll coordinator director and Mott Pediatrician says, “Parents often face problems while selecting the allergy medicine without clear guidelines on how to choose the right one for their child.” Some people choose the medicine after taking suggestions from others which are not always accurate. Hence, a survey was conducted in which 1,000 parents of children ages 6 to 12 from across the country participated.

The parents gave their experiences about how they choose over-the-counter allergy medicine for their children. It was revealed that over half of them gave allergy medicine to their school-aged kid in the past year. Around 80-85 percent of parents gave allergy medicine using medication that they already had in their house and 15-20 percent without even checking the expiry date of the medicine first.

It’s very important to check the expiry date of the medicine because the outdated medicines are not harmful but they are not effective as well, Freed says. The survey concluded that around 21 percent of parents were still struggling to find out the best suitable allergic medication for their kids. Adult medicines have the same ingredients as that of kids medicines but the only difference is that there are no dosing instructions in pediatric medicines.

Choosing the right medication:

Freed says while choosing a medicine for kids you should read the ingredients given on the box and choose it according to the symptoms of your child. For example antihistamines drug helps in curing the runny nose and itchy eyes while decongestants help with a stuffy nose. But if parents are still confused while choosing the right one they should always cross check it with their primary care physician, he adds.