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Google and Twitter also in the race to incapacitate anti-Semitic and racists through advertisers

Earlier, Facebook allowed the advertisers to target anti-Semitic and racists posts in the news feed of the app. But, along with Facebook; Google and Twitter have also stepped in the race of targeting such group of individuals who search for these topics.

Google, the biggest platform of advertisement will not only allow advertisers to search for “Why do Jews ruin everything” but also target other queries such as “the evil Jew” or sometimes “Jewish control of banks” and “Jewish parasite”.

Google immediately disabled such keyword searches involved while hitting such type of queries. “We have keenly looked into this matter and we will take care that this won’t repeat again”, says Google’s senior VP, Sridhar Ramaswamy.

“Our main motivation is to pull back the suggestion tool to display aggressive search suggestions and to halt exhibition of violent advertisements. So, we have developed a language that could cut off the display of such suggestions and if we found any ad putting forward these suggestions will be halted immediately”, he further added.

On the other hand, another tech giant Twitter has also taken the oath of targeting the detestable sayings and expressions against the Jews such as ‘Nazi’, and ‘Wetback’. Twitter will, however, use the similar targeting methods as that of Google and Facebook.

According to Twitter, “We have already looked into this matter and tried to hit the bug.” Google and Facebook itself play in a lot in cents and taking in 90 cents on every dollar invested in one ad. The most recent advertisement posted was during the presidential election of the US where Russians created fake accounts and procured political ads worth of $100,000 to bring up US’s election in their favor.

At the end, both Google and Twitter say there are a lot of steps to be conducted to get out of this mess. Lot of work has to be done.