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Google Assistant Rolls out for all Android TVs Including Nvidia Shield

Google Assistant that was initially available only on Nvidia Shield is now rolling out its feature on all the Android TV. It’s making its next debut on Bravia TV line of Sony. If you are already familiar with Google Assistant then its introduction in Android TV is not going to make any difference.

All that you need is to tap the inbuilt microphone button given on the remote that would activate the Google Assistant. Later, you can demand the voice assistant to play your wish list from different sites including YouTube, HBO NOW, Netflix and much more.

Just utter a word and say ‘OK Google’ and everything you need will be displayed on your screen. Google assistant has made both Searching the content and navigation much easier for its users. Nvidia Shield remote will provide you an additional option of pause and unpause button wherein users can access their smart home devices efficiently.

As of now, it does not support features like timers and reminders. So, you need to link your smartphone with the Google Home so as to access these features. Google assistant is now available on a variety of devices including TV, smartphones, tablets, watches and all the Android phones.

Currently, Google assistant makes use of local speakers but after few days it will definitely bring third-party vendor’s speakers into its device. It has recently rolled out its headphones that has an inbuilt speaker from the third party.

On an account of its release, Google will provide a free trial of YouTube Red for three months to all its users on Shield TV. So, don’t just waste a minute of thinking. Get onto Shield, download an updated version and start enjoying the immeasurable experience of Google Assistant.

Desktop, android auto, and chrome operating system users still have to wait for a while as Google assistant hasn’t rolled out its update for these devices. It’s rolling out today in the US.