google announces new privacy-focused tools for maps, assistant and youtube

Google Announces New Privacy-focused Tools for Maps, Assistant and YouTube

Recently, Google announced a new consumer privacy tools for most-used products which includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, and YouTube. These tools allow better users to manage, control, and erase the information Google collects from those who usage its services or else prevent Google from gathering that data. In Google Maps, there is in option incognito mode that works related to the one accessible in the Chrome browser, YouTube. Suppose, if you do not want Google to track usage of Maps, including the search for places. One can access the incognito mode from a menu that appears when tapping on profile photo in Maps. This feature is unveiling on Android this month, with iOS.

On YouTube, Google is introducing the ability to auto-delete YouTube History. It means you can set a particular period that wants to keep YouTube History available. Automatically the rest will be deleted and choose to delete history manually. Lastly, Google is addressing confidentiality issues on Google Assistant. More highly, the latest feature will launch in the few weeks, which will let you delete Assistant activity with the voice commands. Suppose, if you need to delete data further back than a few weeks, the Google Assistant will direct to the account settings page. That is a bit more cumbersome, but it puts the settings in closer than before.

Recently, the problems with voice assistant’s retention data have been creating waves, as the news media notified consumers to the fact that these smart assistants exactly unscrewed operations actual humans were revising the retained voice log files to tweak and improve the assistant’s responses and reactions. Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant came under for their lack of care to privacy controls in this emerging area. Also, all three have responded consequently. In additional security-related development, Google will announce to its password manager the latest feature called Password Checkup will tell you if your passwords are weak, whether reused them across several sites or if Google has discovered they have compromised.