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Going Mobile: A Guide to Equipping Your Remote Worker with the Best Tools

If you think you’re ready to make your company more mobile and give remote work a chance, it would be best to check if you have all the right tools to make sure it works. Sure, you have a cloud-based communications system already in place, but that’s just the first step to empowering your mobile workers. But don’t worry about busting your budget once again, because most of these tools are available online and are quite affordable. Not only will you make your mobile workers’ lives easier, you will also be able to boost their productivity and promote collaboration, even when they’re far away.


Most startups and tech companies have developers working behind the scenes to make sure everything is working properly, especially on the technical side of running a business. It would be great for these companies to have a development platform to cater to these specific workers, but building one from scratch is quite costly. The best alternative to that is GitHub, a development platform built for developers, by developers. It caters to everyone, from open source to corporate, as it enables users to host and review the codes they’re working on. In a way, you are managing your projects and building software with the help of many other developers.

GitHub promotes collaboration even for the most tedious working environment. Work on your code and get help through code reviews so that your team can view your work and share your workload. Aside from collaboration, you can also use GitHub to help manage your projects. You can coordinate, track, and update your work in just one space, so that your project stays transparent and will hopefully be delivered on time.


If you want a fresh take on collaboration and project management, 10,000ft is worth noticing. It is one of the most visually appealing project management tool, as it aims to translate every step of the project into something visual, something that you could understand in just a glance.

This is important for teams who are mostly manned by remote workers, with no other means to communicate and cooperate with each other except through project management tools. However, if they rely solely on the tool to start their day, they can easily lose track of the goals of the project, and just rely on the day-to-day tasking. 10,000ft aims to solve this problem by giving users a view of the big picture, to see who’s assigned to where, and how these different tasks all play a role in the project’s success. To match its visual aesthetics, 10,000ft has a built-in time tracker, as well as a reporting feature that gives you the analytics side of the projects.


If you’re the type to obsess about daily accomplishments, iDoneThis is the perfect tool for you. Tracking the daily progress of projects can be very time consuming, but in the end, it is the key to keep your remote working arrangement effective. This tool promotes accountability, even if your team is scattered all over the globe. It works by requiring members to reply to an email to report on what they’ve accomplished so far. It will then be delivered as a digest on their emails the next day, so that they can see what they’ve accomplished yesterday, as well as check out how everyone fared compared to him or her. If you have any feedback, you have the ability to comment of yesterday’s tasks.

It may be simpler than the other tools mentioned here, but it promotes integrity and accountability. It also effectively eliminates daily check-in meetings or team huddles, which you can’t do when most of your employees are remotely working.

RingCentral Meetings

Another item that should be added to your virtual toolbox is RingCentral Meetings, which will definitely make your remote working arrangement easier. Meetings is basically a collection of different communication tools all rolled into one. Choose between video and audio conferencing, or start a webinar for large audiences. This helps you increase team collaboration, as well as reduce travel costs (especially when you need to meet with employees or clients on different time zones).

RingCentral Meetings comes packed with several useful features, including screen sharing, file sharing, and annotation. Voice and video quality is also high, so even if you have thousands of miles in between, you’ll still see and hear everyone clearly.