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Giant tech firms like Facebook, Mozilla and 20 others have rolled out $14 million ‘News Integrity’ funds

The most popular tech-based companies like Mozilla, Facebook and other key industry players have taken a new initiative to enhance the news literacy among youngsters. In order to achieve this, the dominant companies along with the non-profit organizations and the City University of New York merged together to roll out $14 million ‘news integrity’ funds.Giant tech firms like Facebook, Mozilla and 20 others have rolled out $14 million 'News Integrity' funds

The funds will be used raise awareness among the general public and spread the importance of news and also to build trust with the journalism industry.

The ‘News Integrity Initiative’ is run by the non-profit organization and will work independently under CUNY Graduate School of Medicine. Other organizations actively participating to raise funds are Craiglist and Ford foundation.

What is News Integrity initiative?

The main goal of this new initiative is to acquaint the users with the trustworthy news. Apart from creating awareness, the collected funds will be used to support research work and to interact with experts from the field of journalism. The initiative will also pave the way for conducting news literacy events in different parts of the world. The individuals from Arizona State University, Edelman, the European Journalism Centre in Netherlands, Hamburg Media School in Germany, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and others have participated in the project.

Will new initiative fight against the rise of fake news?

It is hoped that Facebook and other firms have supported the initiative to eradicate the controversies that are currently faced by the industry. It seems that the ‘News Integrity Initiative’ will avoid the spread of fake news on its platform.

The rise in the spread of misleading news has begun in 2016, during Presidential Election, in which false reports were released on social media platform.

Campbell Brown, the Facebook head of News Partnerships said: “We want to provide people the tools necessary to combat the misleading information which they see online.” The giant tech companies are now trying to stop the false and offending content.

Hopefully, the News Integrity Initiative will overcome all the shortcomings of traditional online space and will stop the spread of fake news on social platforms and search engines.