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Frog Mucus Could Help You To Fight Against Flu

Frog Mucus Could Help You To Fight Against FluA new study led by Emory University researchers reveals that the compound called mucus from the skin of certain frogs may help you to ward off the flu. The mucus of amphibian frog contains peptide called as urumin that helps in building up the immune system and has the tendency to neutralize the effect of bacteria, viruses and fungi of deadly diseases.

H1 is one of the deadly virus that affects human immune system drastically. The urumin peptide directly kills the H1N1 virus. Researchers carried out an experiment in which they collected the mucus of 15 amphibians from southern India. Researchers said urumin has no effect on human body.

According to WHO, H1 and H3 flu are rapidly spreading all over the world. After carrying out the experiment Joshy Jacob, an associate professor in the Emory University School of Medicine’s microbiology and immunology department said, “We have identified a conceivably new treatment for H1N1 human influenza virus, which is a peptide that comes from the skin of a frog found in southern India.”

This peptide targets the virus that contains an H1 type of hemagglutinin. Hemagglutinin is a poky spike protein residing on the surface of flu viruses that causes red blood cells to agglutinate. These spikes get attached to your cells and infect them. Influenza A viruses are of four types, two of which spread very commonly among people. These two types are further classified into subtypes H1, H2, H3, H5 and H7 based on their hemagglutinin content.

We still have to wonder why urumin only targets H1 virus. Researchers say the anatomy of pathogen present in amphibian would be similar to an H1 virus and hence frog mucus is intended to destroy. “Frog secretes peptide for its own survival, it never gets influenza”, said Jacob. The peptide is responsible for fighting against the flu virus by destroying an important fragment of hemagglutinin.