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FDA Advises 14 Companies That Are Illegally Promoting And Selling Cancer Treatment Products

Cancer, characterized by abnormal cell growth is the deadly disease and there is no proper treatment available to cure the disease. The existing cancer treatments include radiation therapy and some medication that just controls the spread of disease to other parts of the body.FDA Advises 14 Companies That Are Illegally Promoting And Selling Cancer Treatment Products

People who cannot afford the cost of cancer treatment considers taking up the alternate sources that are untested, unapproved and unreliable. Recently Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued 14 warning letters and 4 online advisory letters to the US-based companies on April 25. These companies were selling more than 65 products that aimed at curing cancer.

Illegal Cancer Treatment Products

The 14 companies that have been warned by FDA were found selling various products that have not gone through FDA trials and any approval from the authority. The products sold by these companies include pills, creams, capsules, powders, tea, oils and kits that claim the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

These products were marketed and sold mostly through online websites and social media platform without any approval. The company takes the advantage of needy people who cannot afford the cost of treatment of the existing methods. They find such unapproved and illegal products more helpful since they are cheap and aims to cure the condition.

FDA warns that the consumers should not rely on these fake products because they can be unsafe and will restrict the people from seeking proper and right treatment.  FDA claims that people suffering from cancer should immediately report the physician for proper diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. FDA says people should be alert before purchasing drugs online and should check whether the products are approved or not.

The drugs having the tag lines like “cures cancer”, “treats all forms of cancer”, “selectively kills cancer cells”, more effective than traditional chemotherapy”, “100 % results and relief from Cancer” should not be trusted.

The 14 companies that are warned by FDA have 15 working days’ time to respond back. These 14 companies need to elaborate how they can stop these illegal and unlawful activities.