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Facing issues with Amazon Echo? Follow measures can help to fix them

The new Amazon Echo powered by Alexa along with Amazon Dot and Amazon is gaining huge popularity in the smart home gadgets market due to its ability in making our day-to-day tasks easier.Facing issues with Amazon Echo? Follow measures can help to fix them

However, it is seen that these smart speakers are popping up new issues frequently. One of the biggest issues that users have reported is that Amazon Echo is not hearing them or understanding them properly. If you own Amazon Echo and facing same trouble, the following are few things you can opt to fix them:

Light ring should not glow red

The light ring present on smart speaker shows the variety of things for users. When this light ring turns cyan or royal blue, it means that user has fired a wake word for amazon Echo. When the light turns orange, it indicates that speaker is trying to connect to the wireless network. Similarly, violet light means there is some problem with the Wi-Fi setup and white light shows the volume level of the smart speaker.

On contrary, when the light on smart speaker glows red, it means mute switch present at the top is triggered. Due to this, the amazon Echo is unable to hear the users commands.

Hunt for perfect location

One more reason why the device is unable to hear you is because of the interference caused by various objects like walls. The Amazon Support team has stated that perfect location to place the device is at least 8 inches far from walls, electronic appliances like ovens, monitors etc. The smart speaker should be placed at some height, for instance on a table.

The users need to be aware that smart speaker can hear your voice best when there is little or no interference in the room where the device is placed. The devices like air conditioners can also increase the noise levels so devices should be placed far away from them.

Voice Training tool can help

The more the user interact with the device the more strong is the hearing ability of Amazon Echo. Also, there is a tool available known as Voice Training tool that can help Alexa to hear and respond in a better way. The tool can be used by going to the settings menu of Alexa’s companion app.

If the problem is still not encountered by using above steps, users need to replace LED or microphone board. The users can do this replacement on their own or they can directly contact the support team of Amazon.