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Facebook Says Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Be Used For Typing

Facebook Says Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Be Used For TypingAt the F8 conference held today, Facebook’s R&D department head Regina Dugan said they are working on a project to build brain-to-computer typing interface. This new technique will use optical imaging to scan your brain a hundred times per second to detect your thoughts and translate them into text. This technology would allow people to have a command over the augmented reality and virtual reality experiences with their mind instead of a controller. You could type directly by your brain five times faster than typing on a phone.

Temporarily, Facebook is also finding the ways for a human to hear through the skin. It is on the verge to build a hardware and software that could translate sounds into haptic feedback. This will help deaf people to hear. Mark Chevillet, Facebook’s technical head said, “They’re all held to the same standards as the NIH or other government bodies funding their work, so they already are working with institutional review boards at these universities that are ensuring that those standards are successfully met.”

Researchers from building 8 started working on this project six months ago, but various other institutes like UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, UC Berkeley and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are also working on the same project. They have planned to build invasive implant devices that could ship at scale. The technique doesn’t involve decoding any accidental thoughts but decoding the words we have already decided to share by transmitting them to the speech center of our brain.

Whenever we take lots of photos we share only a few of them. The same thing happens with this device. You can think freely but only some of the thoughts would be converted into text. Facebook gains billions of profits per quarter in social networking and advertising media. Let’s hope Facebook will prioritize the assembly of the ELSI ethics board.