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Facebook rolls out stories, camera effects and new direct inbox features similar to Snapchat

Facebook, the giant social media platform, seems to mimic Snapchat. The company has recently launched stories for its Facebook application.Facebook rolls out stories, camera effects and new direct inbox features similar to Snapchat

This modification indicates for the fourth time that Facebook has copied basic Snapchat features like photo and video montages that disappear in 24 hours. The company has already brought this feature on Whatsapp and Instagram long back and now it has added stories to its platform.

Although the company occupies a dominant position in social media, it is widening its scope to cover more regions of online chatting. Snapchat is also giving Facebook a competition and its ephemeral communications is quite successful.

How Facebook stories and camera effects work?

With the help of stories the Facebook app users can now share them with friends and can see what they have shared in last 24 hours.

The photos or videos that are part of Facebook’s story will be visible for 24 hours, but will not display it on anyone’s timeline or news feed, unless that user has specifically posted it there.

Short-live Facebook news feed

With this new update, users will see rounded profile pictures at the top of their Facebook application. These rounded pictures indicate the stories posted by their friends. By clicking on such picture, the respective story with videos, photos, camera effects or drawings will pop-up.

Once the update is launched, the users on mobile can see a camera icon at the top left corner of the app. From this point, they can capture photos and videos, add effects and drawings and share their story with friends to provide them a glimpse of what they’re up to. After 24 hours, the posts in that story will be removed.

On the other hand, the new camera effects, include many new features such as frames, masks and interactive filters to improve your photos and videos. To use these new effects, just click the camera icon at the top left of the app or swipe right from the News Feed.

Also, the company is introducing Direct — a special new inbox for direct messages, similar to the Snapchat. This Facebook Direct inbox helps users to share photos and videos with one or more friends or promptly send a message in response to friends’ stories. Once the discussion on particular story ends, the content will disappear from Direct.

These new features may take some time to reach all the users globally.