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Facebook rolls out personal fundraiser tools and donate button to help users to raise funds for certain causes

Facebook, the giant social networking site is enhancing the capability of online fundraising tools along with its GoFundMe competitor. These fundraising tools will be launched first in U.S.Facebook rolls out personal fundraiser tools and donate button to help users to raise funds for certain causes

With the help of such tools, the Facebook users can gather funds for their personal crisis or societal crisis like for some charities, schools, to name a few. Also, the company is adding a “donate” button to further help the users to raise funds quickly.

Facebook personal fundraiser tools

The newly launched personal fundraiser tools are limited for now and are divided into six categories namely educational costs, medical expenditures, crises relief( relief from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes), funeral, pet medical and personal crisis. The company will soon add more categories and this process is in the review stage.

The personal fundraiser tools will be used by individuals aged 18 and above and these tools will be available in beta. Also, with the help of “donate button,” users can broadcast their Facebook pages easily and can receive potential help.

Facebook claims that when people think about the causes they matter to them a lot, it helps in building safe and supportive community. This is not the first time that Facebook has taken fundraising measures. Back in 2015, the company has launched its Kickstarter feature that helped nonprofit organizations to launch campaign pages, mention their goals and raise funds.

These earlier efforts have made a new way for launching its latest feature known as personal fundraisers. The new feature will help users to raise funds for their personal causes that may not be related to nonprofit organizations or charities.

But one needs to be aware that the feature is at its initial stages, hence it is very limited as of now.

How do the personal fundraisers work?

Similar to other fundraising tools, the personal fundraisers of Facebook will be very user-friendly. When the user visits others personal fundraising campaign they can invite friends to that campaign, share it or tap the donate button to provide funds directly through the website.