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Facebook Messenger Update Adds New Tabs And Red Dot Option To Home Screen For Smoother Navigation

Facebook, the social networking giant is constantly adding new features to its Messenger platform. Recently the company has added New Tabs option and Red Dot option that will make navigation easier. This new re-design will be available to the iOS users very soon.Facebook Messenger Update Adds New Tabs And Red Dot Option To Home Screen For Smoother Navigation

Facebook Messenger has not got a completely new look but these small changes will grasp the user’s attention and will make it more accessible to the users. The new tabs option at the top of messenger which features different sections like messages, active contacts, and groups which will help users to move from one section to another easily when there is activity in any section.

The new tabs feature will boost the navigation and will help you to remember where you left off on your last visit. Facebook Messenger app is the preferred way of communication and is becoming very popular nowadays. In addition to new tabs, the red dot present on various sections and tabs will indicate where there is an activity.

Facebook has released new tabs and red dot feature via a post on the official Facebook page. The red dot indicates different ways that will help people to communicate and connect to your contacts instead of just communicating via text message on Messenger platform. The groups option which was present at the top of the Messenger window is now relocated to the bottom of navigation bar as it is a less used feature. At the top of Messenger window, there is the list of people who are active on messenger along with the new groups tab.

By placing the active users into a separate section, it seems like Facebook Messenger wants you to initiate more conversations through the app. It is easy to check who all are online using a long vertical scroll instead of horizontal scrolling.

However, the Messenger platform has not deleted any feature but it has just organized them in a proper manner that will provide smoother navigation experience to its users. Under the new tabs options, the messenger has provided 3 tabs namely Message Tab, Active Tab and Groups Tab.

Message tab allows users to view their conversation with another user, the Active tab shows the users which are online using green dot and groups tab will allow users to conversate directly in their favorite groups. At the bottom of the app, there are Home, Calls, the in-app Camera, People, and Games. It is hoped that these new features will be useful to all the Facebook Messenger users.