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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Apps for Windows 10 are Now Available – Download!!

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Apps for Windows 10The Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are the operating Systems which didn’t catch much attention from the eyes of users and tech companies. The Internet companies were not interested in creating a separate application for these two operating systems from Microsoft. But now, we have the Full Fledged apps of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram for the Latest Windows 10 Operating System.

As Facebook promised in the F8 Developers conference, the company has launched the native apps for Windows 10 Desktop and Windows Phone 10 operating Systems. The basic versions of these apps were available on the Windows Store for Windows 8 operating systems, but they were not much good as the Facebook’s Desktop version. So, using the Native app made for Windows 8 OS didn’t make any sense for users. So, the Facebook has finally launched the Native apps for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram with all features.

With the Native app of Facebook for Windows 10, the users can get access to stickers store, view trending topics and hashtags, mention friends and do all those things which can be done through the Native Facebook app for Android or iOS. Also, for desktop users, the Native Facebook app will share notifications through the Live Tiles, Start Menu and pop-ups. Also, the Cross-app sharing is enabled in this app. These apps for Windows 10 are now available to download on Windows Store on Desktop and Smartphone.