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Have you ever Imagined Zello, the Walkie-Talkie App without Internet?

A huge question has been raised claiming ‘Will Zello phone app and Walkie-talkie app work without internet connection?’ This app has helped many authorities in critical emergencies. It is the fastest communication tool that helped officers to target flood and hurricane trapped individuals.

Walkie-talkie helps people to stay connected without knowing each other’s number. But, Zello has a major disadvantage that it loses its strength of communication in poor internet connection. Most of the people are under the wrong belief that the app needs no internet connection and many other app competencies.

People believed Zello was the only communication tool left that could save them from Irma, the devastating hurricane that headed towards the shores of Florida. But, their belief stood completely wrong.

So, one thing is clear that the app does require a cellular data or an internet connection for its proper working. It is one of the most important wireless two-way communication device that converts your smartphone into a walkie-talkie.

Availability of 3g connection in the flood-affected area seems to be difficult. Hence, Zello should at least get the 2g connection. If the device gets damaged by any reason due to storm, wind or flood, and if you lose the internet connection then the application will immediately stop working.

If you get an intimation of a Hurricane or any other natural calamity, it’s better to prepare yourselves well in advance to defend against the disaster, because at that time Zello walkie-talkie will be of no use. The misconception of Zello working without an internet connection was solved by the company itself.

Bill Moore, chief executive officer in Austin said, “120 people caught in the hurricane tried registering for the app in order to communicate with someone who can help them.” “Advertisement were blooming on social tech giants like Twitter and Facebook”, he further added.