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Echo Look By Amazon Will Help Users To Look Best Everyday But Increases The Privacy Concerns

Do you need any help for dressing well and enhancing your looks the Echo Look by Amazon will help you. Echo Look is just another addition to its wide range of devices including Alexa-powered smart speakers.Echo Look By Amazon Will Help Users To Look Best Everyday But Increases The Privacy Concerns

Apart from reading out the news or weather information the Amazon Alexa smart speakers can now help users to dress up well and the look that will best suit them. Echo Look is the Alexa-based camera that can capture a full photo of an individual and gives some opinion that will help them to look best. This is possible due to the service called Style Check. This may sound interesting but it also raises some privacy concerns.

The Tasks Performed By Amazon Echo Look Tool

As mentioned earlier the Echo Look can capture your photo or video. A user just needs to fire a command saying “Alexa, take a picture” or “Alexa, take a video.” Then the Alexa device will use its depth-sensing camera and LED lighting camera to click the users look and generate a lookbook based on all your outfits.

Amazon has equipped its device with background blur feature so that Alexa can just focus on the user’s outfits. The device has the ability to provide a 360-degree view of your look using your smartphone and the respective app.

Using Echo Look tool, users can get suggestions from the fashion specialists regarding the looks as soon as the user submits at least 2 photographs for comparison. The tool works based on machine learning algorithms.

After this, all your images will be saved to the image folder present on your smartphone and also on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

The Alexa based tool comes with a mic, camera, speaker, four LEDs and on off button for mic and camera. Along with this, an adjustable mount stick is also provided for the users.

Privacy Issues Associated With Echo Look

As the Echo Look comes with camera and mic, the privacy can be invaded because the hackers can remotely access the camera to cause harm. However, Amazon claims that the tool has inbuilt security systems.

Also, one should note that the device stores your images as well as the audio recordings on Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

The interested users can purchase the Echo Look available on Amazon having a price of $199.99.