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Deprived Sleep Can Cause Brian To Start Eating Itself

Lack of sleep which is more common nowadays can put your brain health at risk. Deprived sleep results in brain synapses to be eaten by other brain cells. The study related to deprived sleep and its impacts on brain health was conducted by the researchers at the Marche Polytechnic University in Italy. Due to changing lifestyles, an insufficient amount of sleep is becoming a major problem in many countries like America.Deprived Sleep Can Cause Brian To Start Eating Itself

When an individual feel tired he can feel the deficit in his brain capacity like the memorizing ability. The recent study has shown chronic sleep deprivation could be the main reason that causes brain cells to gulp out some parts of the brain’s synapses. The research study pertaining to this has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience on May 24.

Astrocytes are the star-shaped cells present in brain and spinal cord. The role of these cells is to clean out the dead cells and they are more active in sleep deprived individuals breaking down more brain connections. Astrocytes can even eat the healthy synapses and healthy brain cells in chronic sleep deprived individuals.

Michele Bellesi, the lead author of the study and her colleagues expressed their concerns regarding the hazards of lack of sleep. When the researchers were conducting experiments on mice they noticed that eating a portion of synapses which are more mature and old is not the bad thing and needs regular cleaning.

But when these microglial brain cells were more active among sleep-deprived individuals. Also, microglial brain cells activation for a long time leads to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

With the help of block-face scanning software, the researchers estimated the synapses and cell processes taking place in the frontal cortex of mouse and most of the cell activity was noticed among sleep-deprived individuals. These active cells also cause plague and damages neurons.

Deprived sleep can also result in increased appetite, loss of concentration, memory consolidation, skin problems.