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Climate Change May Inducing Americans To Exercise More And Remain Fit

Regular exercise keeps us healthy and ensures proper functioning of the body. A new research has found a link between climate changes like rising temperatures that induces people to get off their couch and start exercising.Climate Change May Inducing Americans To Exercise More And Remain Fit

The study conducted by Nick Obradovich, from Harvard Kennedy Schools, Belfer Center have described how warmer climate conditions and climate change affects human health. The study author first considered how the temperature changes may influence the level of physical activity in some areas that have experienced heat waves like San Diego.

The impact of global warming, climate change that motivates people to exercise has been published on April 24 in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.

Earlier it was assumed that increasing temperatures may keep people tied to their homes. But on contrary, the scenario was quite opposite. The temperature between 82 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit have motivated people to go out and carry out physical activity. But the temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit have made people less physically active especially among the age group of 65 and obese people.

This indicates that optimal rise in temperatures motivates people to exercise more but the temperature above certain limit makes them clumsy and less active.

The data related to the physical activity between 2002 and 2012 that considered various factors like recreational physical activity consisting of more than 1.9 million US survey respondents along with meteorological conditions like cold, acutely hot, precipitation days, reduced physical activity was studied.

By analyzing these historical estimates with the results provided by 21 climate models and its effects on forecast climate changes that will be observed between 2050 and 2099 was studied.

Hence, both the location and climate changes can play an important role in inducing outdoor exercise importance among Americans in terms of future global warming.

In America, the states that will show a high number of exercise ratio will be the northern states like North Dakota, Minnesota, and Maine. However, the southern states like Arizona, southern Nevada, and southeastern California will show a decrease in physical activity.