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Climate Can Influence Drinking Habits That May Cause Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases

According to the latest study conducted by Neil Shah, MD, and Ramon Bataller, the senior author of the study, from the University of North Carolina, liver cirrhosis caused by heavy consumption of alcohol is accompanied by climate changes also. It is found that people living in cold climates where there is low sunlight suffer from liver diseases.Climate Can Influence Drinking Habits That May Cause Alcohol-Related Liver Diseases

More cases of alcoholic cirrhosis were reported in cold climates. People living in cold climate regions are more tempted to alcohol may be because it keeps us warm. Alcohol may keep us warm but its consumption exposes people to many alcohol-related liver diseases.

The conducted research study

During the study, the researchers observed that every time when the temperature increases by 1 percent, there is 0.3 percent decrease in alcohol-related liver diseases.

But Helena Cortez-Pinto, MD, Ph.D., from the University of Lisbon, said that all these factors like climate fluctuations, alcohol consumption, liver cirrhosis, and death cannot be directly linked to each other. She states that death statistic in different countries differs. Also, the death certificates are not the fully reliable source and hence they affect the death statistics.

For the purpose of the study, the international team of researchers from 193 nations gathered the information about alcohol consumption, climate changes, the amount of sunlight and liver diseases. Globally every year 493,000 people die from liver diseases.

What is liver cirrhosis and how it can be prevented?

Cirrhosis hampers the normal functioning of the liver in which the normal liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue. The disease develops slowly and during its onset, no visible symptoms are seen. Alcohol consumption is often linked with the disease. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are other causes that lead to liver cirrhosis. Two or three alcoholic drinks every day cause this fatal condition.

Heavy alcohol consumption on daily basis should be minimized or stopped immediately to prevent and stay away from this deadly condition. One of the research has suggested that coffee intake can protect us against liver cirrhosis.