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Brown Bread Consisting Of Whole Wheat Is Not Better Than White Bread For Many Of Us

Some people prefer brown bread as a substitute for white bread as it seems to be a healthier option.  But the recent study has found that both processed white and artisanal whole wheat bread are healthier.Brown Bread Consisting Of Whole Wheat Is Not Better Than White Bread For Many Of Us

But it is interesting to note that for half of the population brown bread is healthy and the remaining half may prefer whole wheat bread.

The factor indicating which bread is healthy for an individual depends on the bacteria and viruses present in our body which are known as the microbiome. Hence the study points out to different things which show that different people react differently to same food type.

Until now the nutritional value associated with food was much focused on one-size-fits-all diets and it did not consider science. The bread consumption ratio is highest in the UK where daily bread consumption is 12 million loaves per day and three-quarter of the bread consumed is white bread.

About 99% of Britain’s consume bread at some point in time and the average bread consumed by an average family every year is 99 loaves. Also among these people, it is seen that 44% males consumed more bread than women. The calories gained by an individual from the bread contributes to 10%. Half of these people consumed more amount of processed white bread for a week which resulted in 25% calorie intake. The remaining people consumed a large amount of whole wheat bread.

After 15 days, the diet of both the groups was reversed.  The participants were observed before the study, during the study, and after the study to check the health benefits of bread. The study evaluated the amount of glucose in the body when they woke up as well as a number of key minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. The level of fat and cholesterol was also tested and the kidney, liver enzymes and the inflammation and damage caused to tissue.

It was seen that the effect of brown bread and white bread was different in different individuals and their response was also different. The study and its findings have been published in the journal Cell Press.