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Boeing Received Four 747 Airplane Order Worth $1.5 Billion

Boeing 747 AirplaneThe Airplane maker Boeing, which was in little trouble after the drop in the delivery rate of the Airplanes to customers. Now, Boeing has got the boost, with four new orders, which costs almost $1.5 billion. These orders will provide much relief to Boeing, to start competing against the AirBus, who is the rival plane maker of Boeing.

The orders Boeing received are of the 747-8 Jetliner series airplanes from the company. The Boeing announced about these orders yesterday on their website. The orders Boeing received are of the Boeing 747-8 planes, which debuted in 1970 and made the long distance commercial air travel accessible and affordable for ordinary people. The 747 airplanes are the best-selling airplanes from the Boeing. The orders from the company will help them to boost the 747-8 lineup.

Boeing was in trouble after their Order book had fewer orders the previous year. The company has slowed down the assembly line of 747-8 airplanes. Last year, Boeing received only two orders of aircraft, which was about $379 million in price. Also, the company has delivered 176 airplanes in operational last year, than the previous operational year, where they delivered 183 planes. The Boeing is starting to increase the production speed, to compete with the Airbus, rival plane maker who is giving a stiff challenge to Boeing.