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Black Hole Discovered Deep Inside the Milky way seems to be Enormous than the Sun

Researchers from the Keio University of Japan came across a gigantic black hole deep inside the milky way. The size of the black hole is around 100,000 times bigger than the sun. It is being surrounded by the gaseous cloud which is highly toxic in nature. It consists of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide randomly moving around the black hole. If researchers confirm its existence, this black hole will hold the second position in terms of size after Sagittarius A*.

Using the Alma telescope located in the desert region of Atacama, astronomers detected the symbols of this huge black hole. Molecules of these gases are located at a distance of 200 lights years from the center of the milky way. Scientists got notified regarding this black hole as a result of radio waves coming from the unknown direction.

Tomoharu Oka, one of the astronomer said, “Traces of these radio waves were the first indication of the massive black hole in a milky way.” “This newly existed black hole might be a part of the ancient dwarf galaxy that was formed around billions of years ago”, he added.

The estimated weight of Sagittarius A* black hole is equal to 4 million suns while newly discovered black hole will weigh equal to 100,000 suns. A large number of smaller black holes fuse together to form one massive body at the core of galaxies including the milky way. This fusion continues for years and years and gives rise to such massive black holes.

The research was published in Natural Astronomy Journal that mentioned the ‘cautious investigative work’ carried out by the scientists. More study is being conducted to get the clue about supermassive and stellar mass black holes. But still, if we think logically, then obviously larger black holes come from smaller ones”, said Brooke Simmons, researchers who were not involved in the study.