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Artificial Sweeteners May Increase Your Weight, Researchers Say

Almost every food constituent today consists of added artificial sweeteners. They are the food additives that adds sweetness and improves the taste of a product. Diet drinks are the famous examples that ensure weight loss as it is known to have low calories sugar. Though it improves the flavor of the food stuff it can sometimes have side effects on our body. According to a new study, researchers have found a direct link between artificial sweeteners and increased body weight.

The more artificial sweeteners you consume the more weight you would gain. Aspartame, stevia, and sucralose are some of the artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure. These artificial products directly interfere with human’s metabolism rate. The study conducted by the Manitoba University of Canada showed exciting results.

Inconsistent intake of artificial sweeteners does not result in weight gain but if they are consumed frequently, it would increase the risk of obesity that is unstoppable. Soft drinks contain high quantity of artificial sweeteners. But according to the Food and Drug Administration Department of US, all the drinks are checked for its negative effects that can disturb consumers body system. While, FDA say they are tested as safe for consumption.

Apart from obesity, consumption of artificial sweeteners is also linked with affecting the growth of gut bacteria that play an important role in driving necessary nutrients from food. It also helps in fabricating necessary vitamins. The decrease in the number of gut bacteria could thus lead to obesity.

Dr. Azad who was a part of the research has recommended consumers to regulate themselves from the consumption of artificial sweeteners till they get an evidence of a link between the consuming prolonged artificial sweeteners and increase in the body weight. “More research is needed in order to find the link between the both and other health related issues faced after consuming the artificial sweeteners. There is a great need to list out both advantages and disadvantages of the artificial sweeteners”, Dr. Azad further added.