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Apple’s new iPad is 44% brighter as compared to first-gen iPad Air, reports iFixit

Apple, the American firm has rolled out new 9.7-inch iPad couple of days ago having a price tag of $329 that would replace iPad Air 2.Apple's new iPad is 44% brighter as compared to first-gen iPad Air, reports iFixit

The new iPad revealed by Apple has a considerably brighter display as compared to the earlier iPad Air. The latest iPad by Apple features a brighter 9.7-inch retina display along with cost efficiency.

The Cupertino-based company’s assertion of a brighter display was taken as an assumption until the actual test were performed. According to some claims, the latest iPad is largely similar to its first-generation iPad Air. The iFixit has put to test these claims by disassembling the new 9.7-inch iPad.

iPad will boast off its 44 percent brighter screen

During the test, the iFixit has dismantled the new iPad to check some features like reparability and whole design specification, internal settings of the tablet. After the test iFixit concluded that the device is similar to iPad air and has only small differences.

The differences between new iPad and first-gen iPad Air

  • The new tablet does not have lock switch which was there in the earlier tablet. It also features single row speaker holes along with the headphone jack
  • During investigation, Apple did not notice any significant differences between the two but as company claims about the “brightness”, so further investigation was carried out
  • Later on, after the investigation, iFixit noticed that the display was 44 %brighter than first-gen iPad Air

In terms of repairability, the new 9.7-inch iPad was rated 2 out of 10 which was very low. However, the company said that the front panel of the device is linked to the tablet and battery removal during repair can cause certain issues.

The people hoping to purchase the new iPad can visit the Apple’s online store, the device has a price tag of $329.