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Apple Will Roll Out New Emojis For iOS, MacOS And The WatchOS Devices

Apple Will Roll Out New Emojis For iOS, MacOS And The WatchOS DevicesEmojis is the most popular way of communication on the messaging platform nowadays as they express the feeling in the best possible way. All the popular messaging platforms are focusing on making their platform full of expressive and interactive emojis.

To celebrate the World Emoji Day which is held on July 17, Apple has just come with new set of characters which will roll out to iOS, macOS, and watchOS by this year. The new characters will be which will be more expressive will be released by Apple in 2017. The new emojis will add express oneself in a better way. The emojis consisting of women wearing headscarf, beard person, women who are breastfeeding along with the new addition to the food items will be seen.

The addition of new emojis will make the messaging more funnier and to express the users view in a more diverse way. There will be an addition to the animal family as well which can now feature zebra, T-Rex, Zombie and much more.

The new set of emojis will eradicate the language barrier faced by many people and it is supported across many platforms. Also on the occasion of World Emoji Day, the app will also allow users to know more highlights about the apps in the App Store.

It seems that the new emoji set by Apple will follow the Unicode 10 Standard and there will be an addition of 56 new emojis. The new emojis like exploding head, crazy face, sandwich emoji will be the new addition along with the Fairy, vampire, genie, and others.

The Unicode 10 standard was released this year by the Unicode Consortium which decides the new emojis and texts which will be added. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to create and release new emoji design. The recently released Android O version has already featured the new set of emojis.

Apple may soon equip all the iOS, macOS and watchOS devices with these new interesting emojis in its iOS 11 version which will roll out in this fall.