apple set to launch macbook pro this week with revamped keyboard

Apple Set to Launch MacBook Pro This Week With Revamped Keyboard

There have been numerous speculations around Apple’s forthcoming 16 inch MacBook Pro for months. However, we hear that Apple is geared up to announce its much-hyped laptop in this week itself. Gadget analysts have informed us that the new computer will consist of a bigger and brighter screen. The laptop will have a 16-inch screen and a new keyboard.  MacBook Pro is supposed to feature Intel’s faster eighth and ninth generation core processor along with an eight-core version. Apple revealed these details of the MacBook Pro lineup during the WWDC in July this year. The company has been working on the variations of laptops for a long time.

Apple has also released a new image of laptops’ design in the release build of MacOS Catalina 10.15.1. A Touch ID key separated from the Touch Bar Screen has been the key feature of the new design. As per the reports, it allows the laptop to have a physical escape key. The production of the new pro models will incorporate a minimum of 15.4-inch screen in the new line up of laptops. The 16 inch MacBook Pro will function on Intel’s Coffee Lake H Refresh processor.  The company has rolled out a new keyboard design in the MacBook Pro. Reports suggest that Apple has switched out the old butterfly mechanism and integrated a scissor mechanism for the keyboard. There have been many issues related to butterfly switch design since its launch in 2015. Many customers have reported problems regarding the Sticky keys and letter typing in duplicate.

Gadget analysts are saying that with the given specifications, MacBook Pro will be the best laptop Apple has launched so far. As per the latest update, Macbook Pro will be available at the same price as the 15-inch model, which is $2399. The new laptop will be available in two colors, grey, and silver. Consumers can expect 16-inch MacBook Pro in various color options as well. It is uncertain whether Apple will launch the new offering in India or not. The tech giant is also going to launch a revamped Mac Pro Desktop computer in December 2019.