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Apple iOS 11 Developer Preview Rolls Out New Business Chat For iMessage

Apple is working to transform its iMessage into more complex communications platform and it has rolled out new Business Chat to its iOS 11 developer preview platform.Apple iOS 11 Developer Preview Rolls Out New Business Chat For iMessage

The launch of new business chat for iMessage will answer customer questions, offer customer service and perform transactions smoothly. The main aim of Business Chat coming to iMessage is to improve the business interactions and compete with the rivals like Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.

However, the Business Chat was tool was not listed in the keynote but according to the texts which show the feature, the tool will allow business to facilitate quick chats directly via Messages for customer service purpose. The Business Chat tool for iOS 11 will allow users to interact directly with real customer service representatives belonging to different businesses compared to traditional AI chat bots.

The tool will effectively help the user to respond to the client queries, resolve issues and do all the transactions using their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. On the similar basis, the customers can view your business and conversate with you using Safari, Maps, Spotlight, and Siri.

According to Apple’s website, the tool will start rolling out from June 9 for iOS 11. The iOS 11 users will see the business names in Maps, Spotlight searches, Siri or while scanning QR code using the device’s camera. Clicking on any of these icons, the users can initiate the Business Chat conversations in Messages App. Apart from traditional text chats, the complex interactions can also be done.

This tool can help users to schedule an appointment, list the sales items, use similar chat thread to notify the customers regarding different things and provide them various services. The app functionality will be provided among chat conversation that will help all the parties who are involved in business conversations. Airline seat can be selected directly using business chat without the need of a separate app.

The use of Siri will help customers to share the business details and display the predictive suggestions like addresses, phone numbers and other.