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Apple Have Come Up With A Solution Which Can Completely Disable The App Review Prompts

The app review prompts will no more annoy the users as Apple have come up with a solution. The app review prompts may seem to be a smaller issue but these are annoying things faced by smartphone and tablet users after every few days.Apple Have Come Up With A Solution Which Can Completely Disable The App Review Prompts

To put an end to the app review prompts Apple have designed new rules regarding app review prompts and how frequently the developers are permitted to request them.  The updated App Store rules reveal the hard restrictions led by Apple on the appearance of app review prompts and the number of time the users sees them.

The App Store rating API which was first launched for iOS 10.3 at the beginning of this year is now optional and the company claimed that later it would become mandatory. Now Apple has kept its words and made the latest version of App Store Review Guide makes it mandatory for developers to use App Store rating API. The modifications to the App Store was first noticed by 9to5Mac.

According to new rules, developers cannot display the app review prompts whenever they wish too, instead now they have to follow 2 important points before doing so. First one is that it will be necessary for the apps to use the Apple-based review prompt using which users can rate the app without exiting it. The rating prompt is mandatory now which will help users to get rid of the annoying prompts.

The second important point is that the app review prompt will be shown up only 3 times every year irrespective of how often the app has been updated. Once the user rates the app he will never see that again. Furthermore, the user can completely disable the prompts by tapping the iOS Settings app and disabling them.

Earlier in order to rate some app users were forced to leave the app and visit App store for rating the app which was time-consuming and inconvenient. Due to this many users use to ignore the app review prompts. Now the newly updated rules rolled out by Apple will definitely make a change and ease the user’s task. Now the entire control of app review prompts is in the user’s hand.