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Another Ransomware Cyber Attack Hit the Major Company’s Business in The Europe And the US

The world had experienced a second Ransomware cyber attack in last two months where many multinational companies have become a victim where in their hard drives were freeze completely and there was only one message floating on the screen which demanded $300 to be paid in return of unlocking their computers. A similar attack was experienced last month when more than 150 major companies of 150 countries experienced a similar situation. The attack has been disastrous for the companies and affected countries like India, the US, and the Europe. The second attack was initiated through the cyber weapon which was stolen from the US National Security Agency. This time it was the Ukraine and Russia which suffered the hardest blow of the attack but the list also included countries like France, Denmark, Poland, India, Germany, and Brazil to name a few.

The big U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck, which is located in Kenilworth announced in a tweet that their company’s computer systems were been hacked. Heritage Valley Health System, which is one of the largest health networks, confirmed similar news of their computer systems of two major hospitals and 18 satellite centres have been a victim of a cyber attack. The attack was not only limited to these huge companies but also include the largest Russian oil trading company and the giant shipping company in the world, A.P. Moller-Maersk. MeDoc, one of the financial software companies in Ukraine was the first company to become the victim of the cyber-attack whose one file was hacked and corrupted and the malware virus was sent through this promotional update feature to all the other victims across the world.

Boryspyl International Airport suffered a huge slow down in their operational activities due to the cyber attack and had to announce about the delay in taking off of the flights since the IT department was trying hard to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. They had named the malware as Petya which when opened will lock the master file and the message would pop up on the system. This is said to be the newer version of the Trojan virus in the past. This is one of the most dangerous malware viruses which have the capacity to affect more than 5000 systems in just a time span of 10 minutes. In the past, these kinds of viruses were merely able to affect a single system or could only be able to fulfil single purpose but today when the technology has improved to such a high extent then in parallel the malicious viruses have equally grown to fulfil multiple purposes.