another person reaches the heavens because of vaping in the us

Another Person reaches the heavens because of vaping in the US

A person of age fifty has turned to the ninth patient to die of a serious vaping-related weakness in the United States. The patient’s death is one of more than 501 cases under examination by United State authorities amid developing fear over a dangerous lung disease afflicting handlers of electronic e-cigarettes. The person, who underlying health situations, is the 2nd patient in Kansas region to die of a vaping related situation. Laura Kelly declared his death on Tuesday. Laura Kelly is a state governer. “We are working diligently with another states and governments to gather facts on dangerous electronic e-cigarettes and its effects,” said Laura Kelly. There are nine reported patients of vaping related disease in the Kansas state, including the death of a fifty year old woman. There are deaths in Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Oregon, Missouri, and California state too.

Disease control and prevention center said last month it was alert of 531 cases of lung disease related with electronic cigarettes. One-third of e-cigarettes users affected are aged between 19 and 35, and 17 percent were children. The association started its emergency actions center to coordinate investigations into the cases. US Congress members are to questions the Anne Schuchat, regarding the thinkable causes of the outbreak as well as what precautions should be taken. Anne Schuchat is deputy director of CDC. The Australian research published on Tuesday found electronic cigarette gas could kill off human cells with protect lungs and affect the immune system. Experts are working to find out the reason of the illnesses.

In United Kingdom, 3.7 million citizens now use electronic cigarettes. “The full study is not yet present, but we’ve overheard news that most of cases were related to persons using e-cigarettes bought on the roads or streets,” said Martin Dockrell. Martin Dockrell is key person of tobacco control department at Public Health United Kingdom. Some countries in world, including South Korea and India, have banned electronic cigarettes.